Periodic Table (Chemical Elements)

With this app you can learn useful information about every chemical element.


  • Interactive period table of elements
  • Snapped mode
  • Electron configurations

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2 July 2015

Very basic research tool !


19 April 2014

Straight forward and to the point. No fancy animations or subtle transitions. That's the best part about this app. You need to know something, it will show you. Saving memory on RAM and hard drive along with avoiding the act of messing around. However, I do feel it may suffer user experience due to such actions. Speaking personally subjective, having the background animated would be nice. With attractive yet subtle chemical like transitions or animations when viewing or browsing the different elements would be engaging. Scientific educational videos or 3D animations or pictures of what the element looks and behave is also a plus. However this does not defeat the purpose of this app.