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    New update! - Ability to view large map for photos with geo-location. Just tap on the map in the app bar! - Support for "Group By" either Folder or Date - Bug fixes

Photo Moto

Photo Moto is the best photo viewer and organization app for Windows 8. Easily view, edit, organize, display, and share your photos.


  • Easily view all of the photos in your Picture Library.
  • The default thumbnail view is a quick way to see your most recent photos, or browse your entire photo collection
  • Click on a photo to display it in full detail
  • Use the Share Charm to share your photos
  • Slideshow
  • Drag and drop photos into new albums
  • View GPS data for your photos

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23 May 2015

The list in the example is simply directories. No ability to tag, sort or really organize your photos, but it is a pretty good viewer.


9 November 2014

I am impressed that I can use this with my Logitec R400 Presenter Laser Pointer. I would give this Photo Moto five stars but I hope later versions will recognize USB Drives, Drop Box, Google Drive, etc. It currently has the limitation of only seeing files in my Pictures folder.


24 June 2014

I thought you could organize your pics pretty easy when I first saw this app. Boy was I wrong. You can't move your pics to folders you already have set up...you have to make new ones. Crap..... this app...unless given the ability to move your pics into folders you already have established is not an organizer. Frankly I don't know what you'd classify it as. Being able to create new folders is fine ...being able to utilize folders you already have is a necessity that this app is lacking.


28 March 2014

I have tried numerous photo viewers from the Store and they all are very limited at best. This one falls into same category. The main problem is that there's no ability to view photos stored on a micro sd card in my win 8 tablet. Sad..............


6 February 2014

Restricted to photos in picture library only even though it has permissions for external storage.


31 January 2014

Its a lot like Nokia Storyteller, except not as user friendly. Allows you to group by date but still having a hard time creating custom groups. Still, a step in the right direction.


3 January 2014

This App is too basic, there's no advantage over the Microsoft viewer that came with my tablet. 1. Drop and drag sorting would be a huge plus. 2. The editing button should prompt me to edit in another App, like Photoshop Express or Fhotoroom. Not just give me the option to change the file name, that's just silly. I see what you're going for, simplicity. But, it just doesn't bring anything useful to the table. Sorry, had to delete it. I'll check back periodically for changes. Thanks.


22 December 2013

This app does the job a tad bit better than the Camera Roll faster to start and adjustments to photo "edit" are short and simple. Remember this is just a photo view app not "Photo Edit" app. Good Job guys😉


28 October 2013

Just want to view photos my directories, NOT moto's.


27 October 2013

In my opinion it's the best Photo Viewer available for Windows 8.1.- I'm actually happy that they chose not to allow the user to browse all folders. I don't need to see my program icons( just an example). >.< What they should add is the ability to choose your default picture library. Great App, clean and nice design! Thanks! EDIT: Please let us set Moto as the default Photo Viewer( Pc settings- Apps- Defaults)

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