Photo Transfer App

Photo Transfer App allows you to quickly and securely move photos between Windows 8, iPhone, iPad and Android devices using your local wifi network. This application requires "Photo Transfer App" installed on your iPhone / iPad ($2.99) or on your Android device ($1.99). With Photo Transfer App you can easily move photos stored on your iOS or Android device to your Windows 8 computer. You can also copy photos stored on your Windows 8 device to your iPhone, iPad or any Android powered device.


  • Transfer photos from Windows 8 to your iOS device running Photo Transfer App
  • Transfer photos from Windows 8 to your Android device running Photo Transfer App
  • Copy photos from your iOS or Android device to your Windows 8 device
  • Secure and fast transfer using your local wifi network
  • Transfer directly from one device to another, no middle servers involved
  • Transfer photos in full resolution
  • Preserves metadata in all transfer directions
  • You can also use Photo Transfer App with any web browser
  • Create new albums on your device and upload photos to them

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16 June 2016

!) The screen does not show if anything is being downloaded. 2 Now that the app is downloaded, HOW DO I USE IT>??? How about some instructions!!!!


8 February 2016

not support win rt , but u can type in web browser. good


18 November 2015

Nice looking but keeps asking to install app when both device and phone have app installed and see each other. Even free apps should have support links or contact info. Have some pride in your product. Not everyone has a iPhone.


16 April 2015

should be simple, but is a pain to use... no easy transfers


15 April 2015

You also have to go to iTunes and download $2.99 app for iPhone. Didn't try it. Maybe it works, maybe it doesn't.


5 April 2015

no options to upload pictures you can only check mark picturs then no other options ...tried using iphone 6 plus and Samsung galaxy 5...


11 March 2015

Don't bother. I ended up using the ip address and it kept copying all the previous photos so when I only wanted to transfer 4 photos in an album it downloaded the previous 200 photos. Worthless.


9 March 2015

The transfer fails more than it transfers Photos. Very very very slow in transfering vídeos. Transfer a lot of photos and you're gonna get a headache.


26 February 2015



19 February 2015

This is, to put it mildly, excrement. I ask for my work and get a sales pitch. What is it with this 'new' 8.1 Windows? Can't you make any money by being efficient? I'd rate my review as depicting you at the bottom.

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