Piano Library

Piano Library is a great utility for referencing, learning to play piano chords, scales, learning to read notes and practice chord progressions. With a large chord database of piano chords, quickly view a chord in any key. Simply select a chord to hear how it sounds. Learn or reference 35 chords in any key. Learn or reference 62 scales in any key. Create chord progressions to practice a series of chords. Change the speed to adjust how quickly the next chord plays. Set the loop option to hear the chord progression as many times as you want. Use the learn notes game to become familiar with reading notes on the grand staff. Finally, use the Extra information page to learn about chord inversions, the Grand Staff, Circle of Fifths, Common chord progressions and Transposition chart.


  • Play the piano using 4 different instrument sounds
  • 35 chord library database
  • 62 scale library database
  • Create, play and practice chord progressions
  • Learn how to read notes on the music grand staff ( Learn notes game )
  • Charts with Grand Staff, Circle of Fifths, Common Chord Progressions and more
  • Chord inversion information

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31 December 2014

This app its really good I like it


30 December 2013

Definitely one of the most useful piano learning apps in the Windows store. If you are learning piano, you should definitely try this out. It will really help with your chords and scales.