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    In this update, we - corrected a crash that results from Windows RT intolerance for grouped Grid Views. In the previous update, we've added the following: - Due to popular demand, the photo zoomable view now allows flipping between photos - The details view have been pushed after the zoomable view


Picasa albums and photos on your WinRT (Windows 8 Pro or Windows RT). PicasaRT supports multiple Picasa accounts at the same time, allowing you to browse your Picasa albums and photos in a natural way - the app uses touch gestures to allow zooming and panning the photos. The free trial allows you to view your Picasa albums and photos, while the full version also allows you to save copies of the photos from Picasa Web Albums to any file picker provider on your WinRT device. The app features live tiles that allow you to view your Picasa photos on your Windows RT start screen. The app is always tested both on Windows 8 Pro and on Windows RT. Features are added on a weekly basis. It is the fastest evolving Picasa photos client for Windows 8.


  • Easily view all your photos from all your Picasa accounts on your WinRT device
  • Local photos cache saves bandwidth and waiting time when accessing Picasa Web Albums
  • Zoom and pan your photos using touch
  • Save photos locally from Picasa
  • Share Picasa photos to other applications (lower quality in trial)
  • See photos in full screen
  • Multiple Picasa accounts
  • View photos details
  • View Picasa photos in a live tile directly on your Windows RT start screen
  • Live tiles are available in multiple layouts
  • More to come soon - the fastest evolving Picasa Web Albums client for Windows 8

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19 September 2015

This program won't load correctly. I sent a request for tech support to the company that created the program and a month later still haven't heard anything. Microsoft should ban this app developer from selling anything on their site. You would figure that before Microsoft would let an app on its site they would test it guess this one fell through the cracks.


2 November 2014

I can't get this app to even open. What a waste of money! I rate this a ZERO.


9 March 2014

it would even boot..AND!...*yawn* no frills..finds n sorts..but c'mon you guys-NO SETTINGS, FEATURES, TUTORIALS??..just a "permissions" option??..LAAAZY


30 November 2013

No Captions?


16 April 2013

Wow, this may be the only one actually working as advertised on my RT slate. I can't wait to see what's up next for this app.


14 April 2013

This app does not work on my Windows 8 Vivo Tab. Crashes when you try to sign in.


26 March 2013

GREAT! After the last update, I can finally use my Windows RT Surface as well as my computer. Thank you. Very nice. I can use all my accounts in this single app. The share and print features are nice, and the developer responds to bugs very quickly. It's still missing some features, but as I see them coming rapidly, I decided on a five star review.


20 March 2013

I installed this app on my RT device and it crashes after opening every time. I've not been able to use it at all. I reported the problem to the manufacturer, received a response in a timely fashion that the problem was being investigated, however after weeks and weeks, there has been no resolution. I was asked to install and use the app on a windows 8 machine rather than an RT. I don't have a windows 8 machine and won't be getting one anytime soon. It was a total waste of money!


13 January 2013

It's a good start for displaying albums in the tile layout... but once drilled into a photo, it's singular in functionality. Would like to see slide-show capabilities, sharing capabilities, smoother zooming, and picture to picture swiping in full screen mode.