Pinspiration is the best way to browse and post to Pinterest on Windows 8 and Windows RT. Think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard — a place to catalog and share the things you love. You don't need to have a Pinterest account to browse and share the amazing photos being posted here every day. Pinterest users can login to keep up with their stream then pin, like and repin photos to their heart's content. The application also has Live Tile which rotates through the most popular pictures currently . Free version is ad supported.


  • Pin images from around the web
  • Explore pins and boards you’re interested in
  • Get inspiration from DIY, Travel, Food and other categories
  • Pin from your PC or Surface

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10 June 2016

Does not retrieve or pull full search results for title searches I make. Does not pull up all boards I've created. Just a really dull app to use compared to my phone android "pinterest" app which I find myself needing to refer back to for satisfactory results. two starts for effort.


24 October 2015

looking for something better.


15 October 2015

this app is the worst


30 August 2015

I use my FB to login to pinterest and this wont let me login that way!!


24 July 2015

It will not let you stay on, It says "You have reached your usage limit" I advise you don not get and rate a 1 star. Also it does not display your pin, Then when you have reached your 2 minute mark it will ask if you would like to pay.


1 June 2015

So I opened the app for the first time, and I logged on, but not all the way, because I got a popup saying I had reached my usage limits and asking if I wanted to upgrade. Man, those are some tight usage limits, I didn't even do anything yet! If you like this app, I have an app to sell you where you can search the whole web on Google if you pay the upgrade.


23 April 2015



19 April 2015

Don't waste your time with this app. It doesn't show any of your boards and the "usage limit" is ridiculously low. If you want to actually use the app, you have to download the paid version. Um, no. I will just go the actual site for free thank you.


13 April 2015

This is an awful app; nothing loads.


29 March 2015

The app did not show up in my app list

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