Pinterest Explorer 2015

This WebApp brings easy access and more features to the Pinterest mobile website on your Windows Phone. Quickly access Pinterest site's mobile web features plus the ability save a Pin to your photo library, share your Pins via email, messages and other social networks, and Pin directly from a website. Pinterest is a tool to help you discover and plan things you want to do. When you find something that looks interesting, just Pin it! Pins are visual bookmarks that you organize and share the way you want. With Pinterest you can: • Plan projects—home remodels, car restorations, garden redesigns and other DIYs • Dream up your next trip—outdoor adventures, road trips with friends, family outings and exotic vacations • Collect your favorite things—illustrations, tattoo ideas, hilarious quotes, tech gadgetry and inspiring art and architecture • Save great ideas—articles to read, movies to watch, gifts to buy, fashion and beauty how-to's, food and recipes to cook, fitness tips and life hacks • Get organized for a party—wedding decor, birthday themes, costume ideas and game day menus


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15 February 2016

I like the app I hate the right side with ads :(


9 February 2016

same problem as everyone else. this site sucks


2 February 2016

The CONSTANT adds and pop ups SUCK!! The original Pinterest is so much better. I will never use Pinterest Explorer again


31 January 2016

I still prefer the normal view when you are on, but this works.


30 January 2016

You can't see anything! You see something you like and click on it, but the site is unavailable? Ridiculous! Bring back plain and reliable Pinterest!


23 January 2016

I have been sewer and needle woman for many years, but 2015 I was introduced to Pinterest. I have learned more about sewing and needle arts than I would have believed I would. Many new and revisited old technics. thank you so very much will continue to revisit this site for a long while.


5 January 2016

I don't like using this at all. Pages don't load when you leave the app, it's very slow and it shows very cluttered on my screen with all of the tabs on the side. I always get an error when I try to follow a link. Better off using Internet Explorer.


2 January 2016

I installed this app on my Surface tablet. 1/3 of the window is taken up by a useless list of categories. Another 1/3 is taken up by advertisements. And the last 1/3 is actually what you are interested in. When I would find a subject I was interested in I would click on the link but it would say 404 oops page not found or something like that. And this happened every time. What a waste of time.


26 December 2015

So far its working great for me


24 December 2015

Very annoying. Can't open any links. Excessive ads on one side of screen and massive search screen on other side. Every time I request to open a link I get error message 404. So frustrating.

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