Pizza Chef

Pizza Chef is an all new fun free game from Ape Apps where you are given control over a pizza diner and must assume the role of top chef. Your customers will place pizza orders that you must build and serve before the time runs out. Use ingredients to build the perfect pizzas and get paid money by your happy clients! Finish the pizzas and earn enough money to move on to the next day. Fail, and you lose your job! In Pizza Chef, there are two modes of play: Career Mode and Time Attack. In Career Mode, you must earn one hundred dollars each day in order to progress on to the next day. As you progress, the levels become harder as more ingredients are added to the pizzas, and the orders start to get more and more out of control. Keep your customers happy! Career Mode contains a total of 50 levels for non stop fun and family friendly action. Time Attack mode is unlocked by reaching day 10 in Career Mode. In Time Attack mode you are given 20 seconds to build as many pizzas as you can. Each time you complete an order, you get 10 more seconds added to the clock. Pound out pizzas as fast as you can and see how much money you can make! Pizza Chef is an entertaining game of skill, wit, reflexes, memorization, and time management. It is a fun game for kids and adults of all ages. I am always improving my games and looking to add more content, so please leave me suggestions on how I can make the game better! This game is for you guys, so help me make Pizza Chef the best it can be!


  • Fun game for kids and adults of all ages!
  • Hours of pizza building fun!

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22 November 2015

it is too hard. and it seems like nothing comes after cook.


1 August 2015

This game sucks like spiderman2!!!what the hell, I downloaded it and it only showed half of the page so I tried the challenge and I couldn't see what my challenge was if you think for a second that this app is fun, YOUR BRAINWASHED!!!!!!!(or just really stupid)


4 August 2014

I downloaded this game and it says I can't play cuz I need to check the Windows Store but it doesn't work !!!!!!!😣😣😣😣


5 July 2014

This is a pretty cool game I have played similar games but this is addictive!


8 April 2014

all you do is click the things that is on the left and match them with the pizza stuff on the right. Like seriously, the person who came up with this app is weird.


15 March 2014

this game is fun and hard when you pass level 10.but it is a fun game


11 February 2014

I love this game


10 February 2014

A same message


5 January 2014

hey guys this game is so fun and it is alittle hard at some points but it is awesome!!!


14 July 2013

It's less exiting than I thought... Has a delay most of the time... I like how it mixes up the recipe though. It didn't have sound all the time. it's boring at first though... I recommend it for little kids