Police Scanner 8

Police Scanner 8 lets you listen in on live emergency radio feeds (EMS, Weather, firefighters and police), military (marine) and transportation (airplanes and railroads) conversations taking place over the radio waves. Be the first one to find out whats going on around the World! . (note: it is legal to listen to, but not interfere with, police feeds for entertainment purposes only.)


  • Provider of Largest Radio Communicatiosn Data!
  • Over 3,350 Live Feeds!
  • Over 16,000 Listeners!
  • Top 50 feeeds!
  • Fast Browsing!

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16 August 2014

Would like the opportunity to listen to either the right or left side only and not both at the same time


5 August 2014

So one annoying thing, if you minimize the app, it turns it off! How lame is that? I cant work and listen to this because this HAS to be on top! DO NOT BUY THIS APP!!!!


25 May 2014

Kinda doesn't work!!!


12 March 2014

my rating is zero it does not work.


16 January 2014

Too bad. This could be a good app but as others have pointed out you can't scroll. If you are unable to tune to your home location the app is of marginal value. May take another stab at it if scrolling issue is fixed.


11 January 2014

Unable to get live feeds, scanner may be silent for hrs upon hrs. When scanner works feed is several hr late. Very unhappy with police scanner 8.


7 December 2013

None of the scroll bars worked, so I was unable to choose options.


6 July 2013

Seems to be a well behaved app and it might work better with different feeds. My user experience was that feed audio would sometimes start playing, sometimes not, would sometime play for a while then stop arbitrarily. Other scanner apps I have tried worked better than this app. Glad it was only $1.99...


8 June 2013

Can not use drop down arrows to change locations.


30 April 2013

Sorry I bought this, waste of money.

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