Pool Billiards !!

Pool Billiards!! is a quick to learn, easy to play, pool pocket billiards game where your goal is to sink as many balls as possible before time runs out! Be careful, one of the balls is actually a time bomb and if you hit it, you must sink it before it explodes or you lose 30 seconds. Play with mouse or touch and go for a high score! Good luck.


  • Great pool pocket billiards game
  • Fun for all ages!
  • Playable with mouse and touch
  • Challenge your friends for a high score
  • Simple, quick, fun

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25 January 2015

Once I adapted to the UI, I found it to be a bit addicting. It's a small, simple app that I find to be a fun challenge.


5 January 2015

Sucks... unless you pay to remove the ads (I guess). And the aiming is poor.


8 December 2014

The ads cover portions of the table, not really playable unless u buy it. Weak!


22 October 2014

should be removed...


21 October 2014

Horrible game control.


13 October 2014

I can shoot it and it will be lined up perfect but it gets right at the point of sinking and it bounces back. Its like you have something over the pockets to push it back onto table.


27 September 2014

Really crappy game, could not figure out how to shoot the freakin cue stick without it jumping in all the wrong directions, ad covers right corner pocket which is really annoying.


26 September 2014

I'm a MS Dev and you didn't test your app on 7 & 8 inch devices. I have a 8 inch tablet, a 10 inch surface pro, and a desktop all running windows 8.1. Once you ad the advertisements you gotta check to make certain the ads don't cover important things up. other wise you have a very defective product.


13 September 2014

I like it


7 September 2014

Ads cover the right corner of the table.