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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    This release contains the following changes: - Added support for CBZ, RAR and ZIP files - Support for multiple resolutions(auto-scaling) - Minor bug fixes

POW! Comic Book Reader

POW! Comic Book Reader is here to give you a great reading experience on Windows 8. Browse through your local comic books and read them using a simple and user friendly interface.


  • Manage a list of recent comic books
  • Open CBR,CBZ, RAR and ZIP files
  • Page reader
  • Full screen reader

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27 May 2015

Contrary to some of the posts, this app does allow portrait views. The way to load multiple books at once is to use a copy/paste function from your file manager just like you would in windows. The other commenters must have been trying to load files only via the app, which is one book to read at a time. It doesn't zoom but the surface is about the same size as a comic book page so not really a big issue. Wouldn't be good on a small screen though. Reads all the usual comic formats.


19 February 2015

First...it needs the ability to add an entire folder of comics. Or the ability to select multiple comic titles to add at once. Adding one at a time is not user friendly in the least. Have issues on the Surface RT with reading the comic. Open the comic, cannot start reading right away. Have to wait about a minute, otherwise it'll keep flinging me back to the cover. Needs categorization...folders, if you will...for your comics. So you can lump them in by series instead of scrolling through a list of everything you have. Additionally to Categorization, it needs better organization. Putting the most recent comic you read first isn't nice. I just read it. Having to scroll to the end for the next one to read gets tedious, the more comics you have. Finally, 'discard' gets rid of -everything-, not just selected comics. This needs to be fine tuned. The first and last being changed would make it an immediate 4 stars for me.


2 November 2014

I only need one basic function: ZOOM. I literally can't read any of my comics using this app. If it had the zoom function, it would be fine. Uninstalling immediately. Don't waste your time with this!


6 September 2014

Also, the handling of double pages could be better. Still a great (and only) RT reader


31 July 2014

I have try to open some CBR files and doesnt work, also works slow.


19 July 2014

Library is a bit unwieldy, but the reader is nice and smooth. Could benefit from a folder system and a ordering. Comics frequently appear out of order despite the file names being in order.


19 May 2014

Would not load any CBR/CBZ, only gives me a black screen.


5 May 2014

nice 😊


3 April 2014

It displays the whole picture but from a distance and not from the whole size. I can't even read the words because it is zoomed out too far. Not worth it. I give it a 2 because it works and that's it.


17 March 2014

Without the ability to add an entire folder to the library this app is useless. I don't want to have to go through and add 3000+ books individually.

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