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    Live Tile Lead Qualify PowerGlobalSearch integration Email an Opportunity’s primary contact through Contact Information control Search functionality for lookup fields on account and contact Probability slider on Opportunity page Ability to close an opportunity Current logged in user control on all pages Task page now supports PowerPhoto

Power 8 CRM

Power 8 CRM: Dynamics CRM for Windows 8 Power 8 CRM allows you to access Microsoft Dynamics CRM from your Windows 8 interface. With this app, you can create, view and update opportunities, view tasks and mark them as complete, and create new tasks and leads. You can also update information through your activity feed. This app will streamline your business processes. For instance, if you want to know what opportunities are in your pipeline, you can view it graphically in a funnel chart. You’ll also see your estimated revenue by month compared to your weighted volume. Task activities will tell you what needs to be done next. You can review the tasks, complete tasks and create new tasks. You’ll also be able to view activity feeds that allow you to read and update comments on a given feed you follow. This allows people to work as a team to close opportunities. Power 8 CRM supports photos for contacts. Not only can you display photos—you can also use the camera on your device to capture a photo for a contact. If you’ve installed the PowerWebTraffic add-on, you can view daily, weekly and monthly traffic from your device. This allows you to see what Leads, Contacts and Companies from your CRM are on your website and what content they are interested in. We’re hard at work with continuing development on this app. New builds will be pushed out often to allow more features. If you use Dynamics CRM and you have a Windows 8 device, Power 8 CRM is your opportunity to get the most out of both!


  • Manage Lead to Cash
  • Create Lead
  • Qualify Lead
  • Manage Opportunity
  • Set up the Opportunity Sales Team and Stakeholders
  • Move Opportunity through sales phases
  • Close an Opportunity
  • Follow Contacts, Leads and Opportunities

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23 October 2013

I did not expect it to work. So cool!


11 May 2013

Not that great. Should release source code so that others can improve on it.


11 April 2013

Contact PowerObjects if you need assistance. Your CRM must be setup for IFD. I love the app, then again I helped design it. The team just keeps making it better. Now complete Lead-to-Cash process. Version 5 can “Follow” opportunities, and you can define the Sales Team and Stakeholders. Again - We cannot respond to comments, so if you have questions - e-mail us or call us. We love to help. Let us know what you think and what new features you want.


20 March 2013

If you want a great way to view your accounts, contacts, tasks and feed from Dynamics CRM in Windows 8 app style this is the app for you.


14 February 2013

If I change my Dynamics CRM password, it seems that Power 8 does not allow me to save the new password. It ends up trying to use the old one. Even if I log in with the Save password unchecked, it remains persistent in future sessions. I would expect unchecking it would clear the account cache.


7 February 2013

really nice way for mobile reps to stay abreast of what's going on. Installed in seconds and connected without hassles without any configuration needed on my part


24 January 2013

Cool capabilities to connect CRM and view my data on my surface device. Power objects Rocks :)


20 January 2013

I really like this application, but would like the view to include a Leads summary like the Opportunity. Also the actions should offer an add email and appointment. Really cool interface with CRM


28 December 2012

I was excited at the prospect of trying another CRM app. However, after entering my credentials this app just keeps spinning with no update as to whether it is connecting or having a problem. I left it spinning for nearly two hours and nothing. I know it's not my credentials because they work fine with the Resco Mobile CRM app. At the very least they could give you more feedback with this app. Even so, it just doesn't work or connect to my CRM server.


17 December 2012


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