Powerful lightweight complex system for mathematical calculations, which brings to you opportunity to solve your problems, as fast as possible. More than 160 build-in functions from different areas of math, full support of complex numbers and matrix calculations (even complex matrix calculations). Itself contains wide range of numerical methods such as numeric integration, finding roots, solving linear systems and much more. Application supports numbers in different formats: decimal, binary, octal, hexadecimal (10, 1010b, 12o, 0Ah). Existing two working modes: Calculate view - interactive mathematical console with history of calculations, ability to define variables and etc. Convert view - powerful unit converter with huge amount of supported measurements (length, weight, volume, area, speed, time, temperature, energy, power, pressure, angle, data).


  • 160 build-in functions
  • linear system solving
  • working with complex numbers
  • working with complex matrix
  • ability to define a variable
  • unit converter

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6 February 2015

Nice application!


3 February 2015

Amazing application with huge functionality, especially usefull for students !!!