Princess Isabella: Return Of The Curse

Free Trial: One year later everyone thought they had seen the last of the witch ... but she's back. This time she's captured Princess Isabella's child and cast a spell over the whole kingdom in the process. Save the kingdom and follow the witch's evil path back to her lair. Defeat her for the last time with the help of your trusted fairy sidekick and a new friend you meet along the way!


  • Free Trial Version
  • 130+ Haunting scenes to navigate
  • 6+ Hours of gameplay
  • Save your baby and numerous friends and townsfolk
  • Travel to the Witch's Lair
  • Meet new Helpers with new abilities

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24 July 2015

It is off worst game I've ever had in my live.


7 September 2014

this game is so useless that even the hints don't help you


19 August 2014

Can not play!! I looked at the walkthrough on line to see what to do with the wet towel. The game will not let me use it. Uninstalled!!


24 July 2014

You get stuck in the beginning, you waste hint after hint on her pointing to the things she doesn't have the ability to do. Cant go any farther. Not even worth 99 cents.


9 February 2014

Game worked fine until dirty mirror.... even had wet rag and nothing.... fix your game.


6 February 2014

Can't do anything on it. I click on the things it tells me to and she keeps saying "I don't have that ability yet"


1 February 2014

Got stuck a couple of times, strategy guide was excellent. Bonus chapter is almost as long as the original game. Loved it.