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A perfect tool to help you lock your media pictures! This application help you to create a private album to lock your private picture, you can save any pictures you want in this private album and no one can access without password! ★★Important Tips: If you delete the application, you will lose all locked pictures, so please be careful. If you need to delete this app, please unlock all pictures at first!! Features: 1. High security! 2. Really useful and clean UI, you can customize the activation time, very friendly! 3. Friendly to be used, and will not slow down your system performance!


  • protect privacy
  • lock pictures

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22 March 2016

closes as soon as it opens and it doesn't let me run the program stays opened for about 30 seconds after being unlocked. then shuts down, all my pictures are locked since I deleted them off my files they are only on here and stuck forever now or until a update comes out, do not download this app until then


24 February 2016

Please send reset link


16 September 2015

App refuses to execute in Windows 8.0. It opens and immediately closes.


16 August 2015

I sign in and it closes and goes back to my start screen. Doesn't work at all


15 March 2015

my password was right but I din't log me in


27 September 2014

can not get in picture so app is no good and I would give no rating


4 August 2014

private photo locker is bmuch betterv3


21 May 2014

It will be better if have share feature!


18 May 2014



11 April 2014

It's ok for a short timeframe. They forgot to mention that over time it will shorten the time it allows you on to view or look at your photos

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