QR4 Real Estate

The BEST Real Estate Search App in the Windows Store. Features the Top Ten Real Estate sites like Zillow, For Sale By Owner and many, many more. No more searching the net for home listings. Many of these search sites have international search capabilities. Install this app and you can search for the same city from multiple sites. Perfect for the serious home buyer, motivated sellers and Real Estate Agents.


  • Multiple Search Sites in one App
  • Buy or Sell home from each site

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16 December 2015

This is just a page. Useless and unhelpful in everyway!!


28 November 2015

Using my laptop and Microsoft for anything other than watching a movies is all anything is good for. I installed the app and it won't load. Pretty much consistent garbage brought to you by Microsoft. This is why my next laptop or tablet will be a apple product. Most of the apps never work. My iPhone 6 works 100% better than this garbage. Don't even get me started on Windows 8, the worst product ever.


10 November 2013

...what's the point if I can't look at my stuff?


20 October 2013

won't load property's


3 September 2013

I love this app


26 August 2013

this app did not function well for me, I was un able to sign in to my accounts. and certain things would not load


18 July 2013

Wouldn't let me sign in to Zillow, clicking on link does nothing!


3 July 2013

This is marketed as a collection of real estate locator apps. They operate at inconsistent quality levels. Most that I tried were subpar. The apps tend to freeze when requesting to view larger photos ...or for no reason. Not recommended until its many problems are fixed.


1 July 2013

I give it a -5 🌟


25 May 2013

I can search many sites for properties in my area

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