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Radaee PDF Reader is a free PDF Reader which has fastest rendering speed and best language support. This PDF reader mainly supply: 1. Fast rendering speed without preloading cache. 2. Zooming(Multi-Touch) && searching. 3. Multiple view layouts. 4. Some customer setting. Please read "About Radaee PDF" page in the application for more information. For any question, mail us: radaeepdf@gmail.com or visit http://www.androidpdf.mobi


  • Fast rendering speed without preloading cache.
  • Multiple view layouts and PDF outlines view.

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19 August 2014

I almost liked it. Very fast rendering. I just wished it had a snap to next page function. Could use some better English translations. :)


24 June 2014



16 March 2014

Decent PDF reader and better in some areas compared to other readers. PROS: Flexible. Fairly easy to make notes. Can block/circle text. Lots of different views available. Fairly fast. CONS: Default font isn't best. Can't change font. Blocking/circling text isn't easy. Highlight option missing. No jump list for notes. UI, especially buttons' purposes not that obvious. Asus T100 - Win 8.1


13 December 2013

Cryptic interface. No cover preview, no underline, misspelled words, wrong menu title on view modes. Maybe good for read only.


26 November 2013

Nice feature but needed and indexed view for the pdf books to link the files


24 November 2013

not an improvement over Adobe.


23 October 2013

Radaee reader certainly lives up to its claim of "fastest PDF reader" as it trumps the handful of others that I've tried. However, it is lacking several key features that come as standard on other readers: single page view, bookmarks, continuous zoom in, jump to page #, zoom-out thumbnail view. It could also use some polishing up on its UI to adhere to more of the Windows 8 (Metro) standards. I do like how it allows you the ability to adjust its render setting to prioritize speed or quality - that's a feature I'd love to see in other readers. Clean up the UI and add some basic features and this could be the best reader in the Windows App Store.


2 October 2013



24 September 2013



8 September 2013

Pencil color change does't working but update will fix it. Overall it is the best app among windows rt pdf app.

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