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  • Category: Games / Adventure
  • Published by: David Peroutka ?
  • Size: 17.8 MB
  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
  • Language: English and 8 other languages ?
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    Radiant is now localized to German, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Czech, Polish, and Russian.


Take your stand against the alien horde in a pure arcade space shooter. Cut through hundreds of creeps to face giant monsters in unique bossfights. Collect special weapons and power-ups, upgrade your ship and save your homeworld! Relive the classics revamped! UPGRADE TO FULL VERSION Please note that this is a feature limited free version. You can upgrade to the full version using an in-app purchase. REVIEWS "From the deliberately pixelated graphics to the tinny sound effects, there is something profoundly artistic about its mix of knowing aesthetics and stubborn lack of compromise." - PocketGamer - Bronze Award "A few gameplay elements make this the modern version of a retro shooter as it takes many leaps and bounds away from the minimalistic gameplay of the arcade hit." - Techulous.com "Hexage does an incredible job of reinventing the game that took the world by storm." - App-Reciation Reviews "As a retro-inspired shmup with nice graphics and solid controls, it does a good job." - ThePortableGamer.com SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK Please contact support@hexage.net with any inquiry or feedback. Follow @hexage on Twitter for the latest development updates, news, events, tips: http://twitter.com/hexage


  • 3 Episodes with 100+ Levels & 10+ Boss-Fights
  • 6 Upgradeable Weapons & 12 Special Power-Ups
  • 3 Difficulty Options
  • Support for Xbox 360 Controller

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13 December 2015

The game is a trial you can only play lv.1 without paying.I still like the game though. I think I would buy it if I could. Though rely tell that it is a trial


30 November 2015

I did one level and it said buy on one side of the screen, and on the other it said esc. So I pushed esc and I went to the next level, and played for free, I'm not sure if this is supposed to happen or not


25 October 2015

Okay, I think it could be a good game, but I don't like how you can't shoot yourself, it shoots for you, I'm not even joking you, beat a level without doing anything, they should definitely work on that, the only thing your in control of is moving around, and changing guns, and I actually don't even like the idea all that much, I think its old by now, yes I know it was trying to be "retro" even though retro doesn't mean taking a game and making it so you can't do anything, Its completely pointless, why even play? and yes I know other games have done this and even movies, but some added something new, but this... not really, but that's just my opinion i don't mean to insult the creators of the game, overall i'll give it 2 stars.


14 October 2014

The cool weapons upgrades keeps you addicted!


2 August 2014

Cinco estrellas


24 June 2014

I've always loved playing games like Gattaca, this game truly looks like the next thing to that, but I don't like how slow it can get, like passing trough meteor showers. also the different upgrades to shoot are very cool, but some don't even make sense, or are any different from the others beside the image of the laser shots. Plus the game's shooting is slow both the aliens and the ship you use. Its still fun to play. BUT PLEASE HEXAGE, MAKE AN UPDATE THAT CAN CHANGE ALL THAT!!!!!


16 June 2014

It is so modern and fun to play! I just love it!


4 May 2014

Great Game


20 March 2014

I know that it is only the trial version of the game, but it is pretty fan flipin tastic. You can do so much even if you do not by the full game I also suggest you play other HexAge games cause they are all amazing in there own ways.


17 March 2014

I've paid to upgrade the game. Then I noticed it was only a few levels. but other then that the game was Fun to play.

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