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  • Read the latest stories in the Philippines and abroad
  • Stay updated with the current weather news in the Philippines
  • Watch Rappler shows: Newscast, TechRap, #AskMargie, #TalkThursday and other videos on current events, technology, life & style, entertainment, and business
  • Vote on the Mood Meter. Users are encouraged to interact with the story by voting on one of the eight moods – happy, inspired, amused, sad, annoyed, angry, afraid, and don't care
  • Help crowdsource the mood of the day and view stories that made the Mood Navigator. The Mood Navigator shows the stories that got most mood votes
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  • Submit stories and photos. If you have a news or story idea, you can easily let the Rappler team know about it
  • Check out the latest #PugadBaboy comic

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29 December 2014

Simple and easy to use app. However, pls allow us to share the articles via the Charms Bar so that we can easily promote your interesting pieces to People and our social networking sites in it.


30 June 2014

Great looking APP!!!


23 June 2014



20 June 2014

Thanks devs!