Ravels - Words Of Wisdom

Ravels - Wisdom introduces players to the Ravels family with a free game that incorporates "words of wisdom" quotations handed down through the ages. Ravels - Wisdom contains 30 puzzles in 3 challenge levels, with quotations from those on the world stage like Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Maya Angelou, and Warren Buffett. The creative minds at GabySoft have a new challenge for you! Ravels tangles up the wise and crazy utterances of the world's most visible people. Your goal is to root out the component words of those quotations and then arrange them back in the correct order. Sound easy? You might be surprised by three challenge levels and options, plus a timer, to push you over the edge! GabySoft created Ravels for those who were bored by Word Search and Jumble puzzles and wanted an addicting higher level game that was thought provoking and different. So sit back, grab your favorite beverage, and lets begin!


  • Free addicting word puzzle game
  • 30 Puzzles

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5 January 2016

I like the quotes. Fun way to pass the time


26 August 2015

I really like this game. I like that it's not timed. It's relaxing and mentally stimulating.


14 September 2014

Overall its rather a good way to pass the time while enjoying quotes.


5 May 2014



17 April 2014

it was hard at first but once you get going it turns easier


1 April 2014

fun game and can learn some new proverbs


1 March 2014

if you like word games and puzzle games this is one for you


17 December 2013

This word game is great to help your mind continue to grow. Not only learn spelling, new words with dictionary challenges.


27 August 2013

Really like this word game