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    This is a first application version. It may contain some bugs. Try It if you like reading news from habrahabr.ru or similar in a plain or just want to be sure of article availability. Please write us any likes or dislikes. And remember - If you like this program tell friend, is something wrong - tell us.

Readability Offliner

This application is an Readability.com service offline client. It really download and keep locally you lovely articles from you favorite web sites like habrahabr.ru, geektimes.com and many other. Application is not finished yet. So write us your ideas and suggestions. Tnx a lot! New in version Synchronization sequence reworked. Two way synchronization added. New in version Tag settings panel updated Tags synchronization from readability web service to local database added. New in version Added images located on https source downloading support. New in version Synchronization service stability improved, parallel article downloading refactored Synchronization deleted on readability.com service to local storage deletion improved Tag filtering (no tags) added Duplicated tags on filter panel bug fixed New in version Added support for favorites / archive articles filtering Tags filtering support improved New in version (NB! If any problem with already installed app - please use clean storage button first) First version of tags support (assigning, editing, removing) Make article Favorite support added Limited support of article archiving (show label only) Limited support of two way synchronization with readability service Article view pane width adjustment improved. New in version - Added support for Archived and Favorite state (NB! without cloud synchronization) - Settings pane button added to main app bar - Share page logo position corrected New in version - Incrimination article updates added - Download cancelation added - Article view column width adjustment added


  • Readability.com offline client
  • Manage articles without internet connection (tagging, deletind, favoriting etc)