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    Fixing app crash when synchronize. Fix Goal Setting: When Click Goal Setting nothing happend.

Real Estate Assists

Real Estate Assists helps real estate investors to manage and do business in real estate more effectively and efficiently. From business planning, collecting information, making calculation, analyzing cash flow to estimating investment for real estate investment is never been so easy as when you are using Real Estate Assists for your investment tool. No need to worry about the complexity of real estate calculation, all you need to do is inputting data into the app, and Real Estate Assists will help you with the number. Who need Real Estate Assists? Real estate brokers, agents, investors, buyer, sellers, and people who want to do business in real estate. Real Estate Assists provide all the tools for these people from the beginner to the professional investor. Cloud Synchronization: Real Estate Assists provides cloud synchronization across multiple devices. You won't stuck on only one device like some other legacy apps that you have used before anymore. With Real Estate Assists, you can synchronize your data across multiple devices and multiple platforms such as Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. No matter if you are in office, on the fields, or at home, you data is always with you; and your real estate investment decision could be made within minutes.


  • Investment Planning: Real Estate Assists comes with an investment planning tool. With this tool, the user will need to set investment goal such as how many properties they want to buy.
  • Real Estate Assists want to make your investment as accurate as it can. Firstly, Real Estate Assists will help you collect all the information about the properties.
  • Financial Analysis: Financial analysis is the most important part in your investment because you make money or lose money is base on financial analysis.
  • Report Click and Print or Email all the information as a report so you can present it to your clients, bankers, buyers, sellers, investors or people involve in your investment.
  • Photos: There will be no fun if it come without images or graphics. Therefore, Real Estate Assists allows you to put the photos of each property.
  • Property Comparison: If you have 100 properties at the same time and you have to make a decision to buy 3 of them; which properties should you choose. That come to the best of Real Estate Assists.
  • Cloud synchronization: Do you want to switch the computers? No problem. You can synchronize your data between your devices;It doesn't matter if you are at the office or home your data is always ready

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19 September 2014

Nice App but can't get it to sync