Real Piano

With Real Piano, you get a full 88-key keyboard producing realistic grand piano sound, different keyboard layouts, professional tuning & transposition settings, and multiple instruments.


  • Realistic sound from grand piano, guitar, bass, harp, marimba, and music box.
  • Full 88-key keyboard: smoothly move and zoom the keyboard by just sliding and pinching.
  • Single or dual keyboard layout support.
  • Customizable key labels in different types: C-D-E, c1-d1-e1, 1-2-3, or do-re-mi.
  • Tuning by adjust the standard A frequency, ranging from 435Hz to 446Hz.
  • Transposing if playing in higher or lower key is easier.

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26 December 2015

Its not a nice game it has lots of opinion but u can only use one of them the pino


3 April 2015



17 June 2014

Excellent sound but will not work with laptop keys! The mouse is the only way to play without touch screen.


17 January 2014

I love the realistic sound


27 November 2013

Works great!


30 October 2013

This is one of the only few apps that I found to have a good user experience and sounds great. It looks similar to my favorite piano app on the iPad, the iGrand. Features that I'd like the author to implements for a 5-star apps :) 1. Save settings (Layout, key range) 2. Damper pedal settings where I can set it to a different amount. Currently when it's lock, it sounds quite lenghtly. 3. MIDI I/O. Thanks.


23 October 2013

For basic keyboard playing while on the go, this app is great! The design is wonderful, it sounds great, and the added options are a nice touch.


20 October 2013

its really great


16 October 2013

Wow! Great app!


26 May 2013

looks good, sounds good, this is what a piano app should be~