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    V3.8.2.0 Recipe photos stored at higher resolution and without cropping. V3.8.0.0 Recipe import updated to support more websites. V3.7.0.0 Added meal planner. Long shopping list items now displayed over two lines. Sharing recipes by email on Windows 10 now includes the recipe photo. Recipe import updated to support more websites. V3.6.1.0 Import recipes from MSN Food & Drink. V3.6.0.0 Enhancements to recipe sharing. Share a link to a recipe on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. V3.5.0.0 Added support for syncing recipes and shopping lists to iPhone and iPad devices. Recipe import updated to support more web sites. Recipe Keeper app for iPhone and iPad now available. V3.4.0.0 Fixed intermittent issue when importing recipes directly from Internet Explorer. V3.2.0.0 Added support for syncing recipes and shopping lists to Android phones and tablets. Recipe import updated to support more web sites. Recipe Keeper app for Android now available. V3.1.0.0 Added new top app bar for quick access to common features. Added recently viewed recipes section to the home page. Shopping list items can now be edited. Ingredients can now be edited before adding to the shopping list when viewing a recipe. Performance improvements to startup time and memory usage.

Recipe Keeper

Recipe Keeper is the easy to use, all in one recipe organizer, shopping list and meal planner that's available across all of your devices. Quickly and easily enter all your favorite recipes and organize them exactly the way you want. Create the ultimate personal cookbook with recipes from your own cookbooks, magazines and recipe websites. Recipes can be entered with as little or as much information as needed and can be grouped by courses and categories that you define making Recipe Keeper work the way you do. Import recipes automatically from many popular recipe websites then tailor the recipes for your own needs. Add ingredients to your shopping list straight from a recipe with one click. View your shopping list on your phone while in the store. Plan your meals for the week with the built in meal planner then add your meals straight to your shopping list. Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all of your Windows 8, Windows 10, Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone devices (separate purchase required for Android, iPhone/iPad and Windows Phone). Attach photos to your recipes, add your own notes, rate your recipes and flag your favorites. Quickly search for your recipes by ingredients, directions or rating. Share your recipes on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks and by email. Print you recipes. Import recipes from MSN Food & Drink Create up to 4 kitchen timers allowing you to time your cooking to perfection. Backup and restore your recipes to an external drive or your OneDrive. Recipe Keeper Free allows you to store up to 20 recipes. Upgrade to Recipe Keeper Pro to store an unlimited number of recipes and to share your recipes and shopping lists across all your Windows 8 devices. With Recipe Keeper you finally have one place to keep all of your recipes, organized just the way you want!


  • Add your own recipes, quickly and easily
  • Organize your recipes, your way, by course and by categories
  • Supports multiple shopping lists
  • Add meals to your meal planner
  • Share your recipes, shopping lists and meal planner across all your Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone and iPad devices
  • Share your recipes on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks
  • Search for recipes by ingredients, directions, ratings or favorites
  • Print, share and copy your recipes
  • Easily import recipes from the internet
  • Import recipes from MSN Food & Drink
  • Create up to 4 timers
  • Backup and restore your recipes

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26 August 2016

Easy to use, I love the import and shopping list features! Adding an option to increase/decrease serving sizes (and recipe measurements) would make this a five star app!


7 May 2016

I love this app but I would like to be able to sync to all my devices and unless you pay for the Pro version on all devices will not work. I have already paid twice and yet haven't been able to sync my recipes to new Ipad or Computer


26 April 2016

Storing only 20 recipes? Seriously?


10 April 2016

I love this app. I like that I can add recipes from different sites, and edit them also. Very easy to navigate, and the larger print is so easy on the eyes. I am in the process of transferring my favorite recipes to unclutter my cookbook. Also, like the ability to save and recover.


9 April 2016

Recipe Keeper is the best App ever for anyone who bakes! No need to handwrite recipes, forget ingredients, loose recipes, forget where recipe came from, search for paper and pen. Simply search the recipe, including the site it came from. Click on the recipe you want, and instantly it's placed in your personal recipe file, and categorized! There is also a place for the picture of your dish. If the recipe doesn't automatically import the picture from the recipe you have a choice. Browse through pics in your computer, or take a picture with your computer. What I've done is google the same recipe/site on my tablet while I'm importing the recipe to the file, take a picture with computer from tablet, and voila the picture is in the recipe file. DO NOT FORGET WHEN FINISHED TO CLICK SAVE! I have forgotten, and lost way too many recipes. KEEP COOKING AND BAKING!


22 March 2016

I have been using Recipe Keeper for about 6 months now and just love it. Easy to enter new recipes and easy reading when using them. Would recommend it to anyone !!


21 March 2016

I would have given it five stars. But I was not aware that the free version of this app would only hold 20 recipes. Still it has been worth it to spend the 3 dollars for the unlimited storage.


20 March 2016

I use this app to organize all of my recipes that I would normally pull out of magazines and put into a big binder. With Recipe Keeper, I am able to categorize them and search for them easily. I have the recipes available on my phone and tablet so even when I'm in the grocery store, I can pull up a recipe in a pinch. It is also so easy to send and share recipes with friends. I was able to get rid of my big binder of torn out recipes and now I use Recipe Keeper (and my cabinet has a lot more space in it!).


18 March 2016

LOVE Recipe Keeper! Easy to download new recipes, easy to share recipes.


16 March 2016

I love this APP. Since I updated my App you can look things up and unlimited downloads. Just love it.

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