Rolling Scroll - Sketch, Scribble, Doodle Endlessly

Description Unlimited drawing papers! Why do we always have to choke our creativity and hit “next page”? Rolling Scroll provides you with an uninterrupted creating experience. Utilize the 12 preset brushes and color palette tools to take note, sketch or scribble down thoughts and ideas ENDLESSLY with Rolling Scroll. Never worry about getting lost in your work. Add different time tags to mark and manage the content. Rolling Scroll keeps the trajectory of your every inspiration on the top. Main Features ROLL WITHOUT LIMITATION >> Start to draw on the infinite paper >> Clean and breezy interface EDITING FEATURES >> 12 preset brushes >> Color palette >> Adjustable color brightness and opacity >> Redo and undo buttons MANAGEMENT AND THUMBNAIL NAVIGATION >> Create and name the time tags >> Use the time tags to categorize and search your work >> Get quick direction with the navigator bar SHARE AND BACKUP >> Export and email the file in JPG. >> Support export to Fresh Paint, SkyDrive, and Weibo ** Contact Us ** Join our Facebook Page to learn more and share your ideas with us! We value your feedback and want to make our works better for you. Reach out to us at or our Facebook page if you have any comments and suggestions.


  • Non-stop drawing, sketching, and creating!
  • Besides sketching and doodling, Rolling Scroll makes an ideal tool for creating your daily to-do list, memo, taking notes in lectures and meetings.
  • Great editing tools aside, Rolling Scroll offers a unique time tag management system that helps you track everything in the existing paper roll.

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5 August 2015

A great concept. However, an overly simplistic effort in the end. Too bad. The idea of never-ending roll of paper with a searchable time based index is a novel one. Too many swipes and taps to get stuff done. Yeah! We do live in the era of the slouch and swipe, but let's not get carried away.


30 November 2013

Doesn't recognize/support pen's eraser. Eraser width is far too narrow to permit efficient erasure. Endless scroll (preferably in all directions) is an excellent idea implemented in only one direction in this app (horizontal scrolling) that is conspicuously absent functionality in other sketching apps in the Windows store. Alas, if only the erase functionality was better, this app would warrant a better rating on that stead alone. But effective erasing functionality is not present and I find this app rather unusable without it.