Rumble Radar

Rumble Radar displays the significant seismic activity by world region for the last 30 days as identified by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS). This information is aggregated and displayed on maps provided by Microsoft's Bing Maps service.

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11 June 2013



9 February 2013

With the crashes fixed, I have a chance to like this.


8 February 2013

The update that appeared in Marketplace on 2/7/2013 allows RR to work with Internet proxies. Please don't let that bug regress it's way back into the app. Preliminarily, it seems as though the app is working as advertised. Still wish that there was a global view for startup default and also wish for tie ins to NOAA for tsunamis, which are most definitely earthquake related.


7 February 2013

My apologies to anyone who encountered issues with the app, the crash on startup has been fixed in the release. Regards, Rumble Radar Team


29 November 2012

I like the way that this app takes some pretty detailed data and visualizes the location and other information. Well done.