Get all your stuff on your mobile device! Stream music and video to your tablet, share photos with friends on your desktop, or just play it safe and keep secure backups of your most important memories on all your devices. Trend Micro™ SafeSync™ works where you want it, syncing files between your windows 8 App, Android devices, iOS devices, Macs and PCs. Download now to access your SafeSync account!


  • Backs up and syncs your files across your mobile devices and computers, whether they run Windows, iOS, MacOS or Android
  • Stream audio files and watch videos from your account
  • Quickly and easily share links to files with friends
  • Mobile, desktop, and website access available 24/7
  • Never lose a file again!

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26 August 2015



24 June 2015

Will not open. Shows page then go back to start page. Tried on a windows 8 tablet


14 February 2015

Listed on the Store for RT, installs, runs, but when you try in signin it says "Server unavalable". Checked with support and its not support on RT. Trend, please filter this on the Store or provide better error messages. 2.14.2015


28 May 2014

Keeps crashing


3 January 2014

As soon as I open the app it automatically force quits. Please fix this looks like a very useful' app. Thank you.


31 October 2013

It cannot get it for the life of me to open, it simply shows the logo and then goes back to the home screen. Please fix this, I'm a happy Trend Micro customer who uses Trend Micro to protect my computers.


28 April 2013

This one appears to only be a free one month trial subscription, so it's not really a free application or service. I don't know what happens to your files once the trial subscription ends, although my trial has ended and my files still seem to be there. So go figure. As it is presented here in the Windows Store, it appears to be another one of those confusing bait-and-switch schemes. It also doesn't seem to be willing to upload internet shortcuts and desktop shortcuts - only files.


5 March 2013

For me, it's great to view my pictures on-line by this App.


26 February 2013

It become my backup App now.


7 February 2013

It's a beautiful, good design UI and useful APP for accessing my files in the cloud

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