Spanish - Holy Bible

Read the Bible in Spanish. 1. Listen to any chapter from the Bible. 2. Send verses via email, Facebook, Twitter and other forms of sharing. 3. Copy verses, even the whole chapter if needed. 4. Search the Bible. 5. Add bookmarks. 6. Highlight text. 7. Add notes. 8. Read the Bible in one year. 9. Add (Info) to your calendar. 10. Saves your recently read chapters. 11. Find text on page. 12. Pin your favorite verse to Start Screen. Customize: Change the verse color, padding, indent, spacing, font size, font family and opacity. We provide 10 stock images but if you want to you can add your own background image, or background color.


  • Search, Audio, Bible One Year.
  • Bookmarks, Notes, Recently Read.

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4 January 2016

los titulos aparecen muy pequenos no se pueden leer


13 March 2015

great for Christian Hispanic.


25 December 2014

Mug Buena


16 November 2014

que lastima que a viendo tantos usuarios de Windows, no puedan tener una buena aplicación, con traducción original, para los que estudian la biblia, esta aplicación esta llena de errores de traducción, y hasta para usarla esta confusa.


18 September 2014

I used this app for two days and it was working perfectly. I love the big type and it's quick response. However when I tried to read the book of Jeremiah the content was the book of James. Can you please fix it? This is a beautiful useful program and I wouldn't want to lose it.