Secret Camp Attack

Enemies attack on you. They are stand in groups at different places in camp. War against enemy soldiers has begun. Enemies attack on you in form of wave. You are a brave Commando of Army; you will protect your camp. Enemies have entered in your Camp. You have M-16 gun with alot of bullets. You will carry out your mission until you kill all enemies and your Camp is safe from opponent army soldiers. By playing this game you can improve your skills of Defense. How to Play? o When come Grenade icon on play screen, you throw a grenade on group of enemies. o Your gun is auto reload. For Tablet: o Drag your screen to take your aim. o Shoot with fire button. For PC: o Move your mouse to take your aim. o Use the left mouse button to fire o Shoot with left Control of Keyboard.


  • Enemies
  • Attractive Environment
  • M-16 Gun
  • Assault Fire

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23 April 2015

This stupid game wont even let you move