Shakespeare Slots - Medieval Poetry

To be, or not to be? Shakespeare Slots is a game for you if the previous sentence sets a bell ringing within your mind. Designed to include some of the best plays and characters of the legendary English writer, Shakespeare Slots is literally the Store’s most literary game. Where else can you play pokies and test your practice your memory of Shakespeare at the same time? Download and join this 16th century writer as he takes you on a journey that though begins in the ancient Roman Empire still hold relevance for our age. Shakespeare Slots is a game for slots aficionados and Shakespeare fans. It is a five-reel, high-definition (HD), and 20-machine slots machine that offers you the most authentic slots experience outside of a Las Vegas casino. The stunning graphics and the constantly increasing selection of machines make you want to play more for hours on end. Pokies was never so exciting. Game Features - 500 free coins to get you going. - More coins are available for as little as $1.99. - Bonus coins and jackpots. - 20 different pokies games and new ones are being added every month. - Machines themed after Shakespeare’s works. - Multiple customization options. - High-definition (HD) graphics. - Easy to play and control. Join other Shakespeare Slots players, who collectively win millions of points every day, now. Here is what other pokies lovers say about Shakespeare Slots: - Santa Maria! It’s absolutely the the best slots game I've ever played. And I am saying this as a student of English literature. - Oh Lord, it’s so fun and challenging and there are many games to choose from! - I absolutely love it. Even after all these centuries, you rock, Shakespeare. - It’s the most awesome pokies game in the store. Absolutely amazing! - Pretty cool. Shakespeare Slots starts off great and keeps the momentum intact.


  • Big Payouts!
  • Exciting Midieval Adventure
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control
  • Expanding Wilds

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11 June 2016

Great fun


8 May 2016

So far so good


16 April 2016

Can work and make money playing these games?


1 April 2016

Like this game


1 February 2016

very fun except for the stinginess of awarding of points


31 January 2016

this game is trouble. It resets itself before you can get to level 5. if I could give it a zero I would. worthless Game.


30 January 2016

Lots of fun,


20 November 2015

Does not pay out much. After a few weeks of playing it starts over again. Has started over a few times now. Stopped playing game.


13 November 2015

Too soon to tell


28 September 2015

good game.

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