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  • Supported processors: x64, x86, ARM
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    Release 150 (Jan 8 2018) Spell the current sentence Release 149 Fluent design on share page Release 148 Fluent design Release 147 Comments in the text Release 146 Speed up and Slow down menu commands, design tweaks Release 145 New settings: Preferred voice and 1-pane view Release 144 Customize previous and next button functions Release 143 Copy paragraph text option in the context menu Release 142 Bookshare 'Latest' and 'Popular' lists Release 141 Redesign Release 140 Bookshare service integration Release 139 Sentence highlighter Release 138 Compact overlay mode on PC Release 137 Font picker. The app includes dyslexia friendly font Release 136 Images of articles in the headlines tooltips, Daisy e-books V3 support Release 135 Daisy e-books support Release 134 More button in the player with lots of options to navigate the text (with keyboard shortucts) Release 133 MP3 progress in the Action Center, Pocket, Instapaper and Facebook can be added as sources of Headlines in Popular Sites Release 132 MP3 export overhaul, 1.0x speed fine tune setting Release 131 .eml files Release 130 Icons in menus Release 129 Settings are grouped and new Auto play settings Release 128 Browse option in the Add menu Release 127 Selection mode in Headlines Release 126 Create MP3 from Headlines title, interface reshuffle Release 125 Navigation panel Release 124 New Paste Assistant notification

Share to Speech

Nominated for the best iOS assistive app and developer of the year in 2017 by AppleVis Award winning text to speech app, the only in the Store that is built as a professional work in more than four years of frequent updates. It can read aloud web pages, browse web pages and RSS feeds in an interactive way with remote controls, documents, books and emails for you while you are doing something else. The app can create a speech or an MP3 file* just by sharing an internet page or pasting its link from any of the languages that support text to speech on your device (for a PC there are 17 of them for other devices 7). It can also read Microsoft Word (.docx), PowerPoint (.pptx), PDF and many other text file and e-book formats (.epub, .fb2, DAISY) and turn them into the speech. MP3 files can be automatically or manually transferred to any folder (e.g. a USB disk or mobile phone, or a local Dropbox or OneDrive folder) to be read aloud later. The app was tested to be accessible by legally blind users. For people with visual impairments and related disabilities this can be a great assistive technology with many features built specifically for them (Bookshare service integration, DAISY text book format, many keyboard shortcuts, dyslexia friendly font option). There are many unique features that can't be found in other apps: - background audio playing and buffering for better quality of speech - interactive browsing of the web headlines with remote controls (wireless keyboard with media buttons, headphones with media buttons, Bluetooth hands-free, Xbox remote control). - playlist support - creation of MP3 speeches on the PC (unlimited length) - multi-language support with the auto language detection - professional design with custom animations and system integration (fluent design, live tiles, system audio player, view that accommodates to the window size, special views like full screen mode and compact overlay mode) - knowledge base tools to keep the track of your work - log in to web sites - widest range of import sources - attention to details like the announcing of the text length, finding the best place when going forward or rewind, pausing the play if the menu is opened, tagging of MP3 files, the customization of those details... - SSML support for professionals - support for advanced hardware - touch gestures, pen commands, Surface Dial, HoloLens, Xbox - Windows 10 Mobile support - the app won many awards from Microsoft including that it was featured in the official Best of 2014 collection - OCR - camera to speech - Cortana integration Reinvent your life, if you are busy cut the time you spend in front of the screen and listen to the news articles, documents and e-books while you are commuting, jogging or doing housework. Notes: - Screenshots are for the Windows 10 version of the app. - Xbox doesn't support .pdf files - MP3 files are supported only on the PC - The app was previously called Share to Speech


  • Share a link, text or a selection, .docx, .pdf, .pptx, .epub, .fb2, .rtf, .odt, .odp, .txt file from any app into the speech
  • App intelligently detects language and reads only parts of the internet (web) page that contains useful text
  • Create MP3 files using text to speech (PC only)
  • Browse the web using Headlines - interactively add articles while titles are read
  • Read emails from Office Outlook using a plugin (beta)
  • Use Now Speaking, MP3 and Archive sections to organize and quickly access your articles, documents and e-books in a beautiful interface
  • See the text in the that is being read aloud and click on the paragraph to start reading from it
  • Share items you like with other apps (e.g. Mail or Facebook)
  • Use Paste from Clipboard to add items from applications that don't support share with help of Paste Assistant
  • Drag and drop files to the window to create a new speech or MP3 file
  • Annotate texts by bookmaring paragraphs and items by marking them as favorite
  • Complete Windows 10 experience with Live Tiles, resizable windows, taskbar jumplists, Cortana, ink input
  • Integration with File explorer to open text files (including Microsoft Office Word and Powerpoint) with this app
  • Easily find previous items in the Archive using filters and search

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4 September 2015

Simple app needs work...unable to locate where mp3 goes after completion..


17 July 2015

This app is simple and effective. Having Adhd, staying focused on long documents can be tough but this app helps me retain a lot


19 May 2015

The voice is very choppy


1 May 2015

If you are a writer, after many hours of writing and proofreading. Why not take your table and relax and let this app read to you? Indeed that is what I'm using it for and I am very glad. I even added a Word file of 13955 words, no problem at all. The app handled it very well. The natural reading approach is great. Although there are some words like Biblical names, wherein the pronunciation is a little bit off, but however the overall function is very good. Thank you thank you.


30 April 2015

Crashes while doing side by side computing Keep taking over my default setting of opening Word PDF and PPT Order and breaking errors in paragraphs when importing documents Why not displays original document layout that can be highlighted for where to read on top (as an option), instead of having merely a long flow of texts on the left


20 April 2015

Wow! This is a great app that actually WORKS! I'll be purchasing for my PC and Windows phone.


28 March 2015

So easy to copy and share to have this read and you listen than read


28 December 2014

This is Really Nice


8 November 2014

I think this app would be more useful if I could open up a document and read from there. I would like to see and be able to read the document along with the audible. Also play stops when opening another program or apps


7 November 2014

I'm so disappointed to give one star. I wanted this app to work. It's a great concept. So I installed the trial on my XPS 18 with Windows 8.1. When the window opened I clicked on "Tutorial". Nothing happened. Clicked again; nothing. I experimented with ways of sharing. Opened a PDF file; it went through some preparatory actions, but didn't read. I clicked on an icon representing the file in the window, and it began to read, but stopped as soon as I clicked away. I copied some text for it to read, but the "Paste" option was disabled. Thinking it couldn't handle RTF or HTML, I made sure what was in the clipboard was strictly text. Still no Paste option. I worked with the program for about an hour before sadly uninstalling it and posting this review.

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