Sherlock Holmes - Vegas Casino Slots

Download Sherlock Holmes Free Pokies on your Android device to join the world&rsquo;s most popular English detective on his adventure-ridden journeys into the world of casinos where luck matters as much as your skill. The symbols on this slot machine simulation take you to 19th century London, where the soot of industrial revolution has not settled down yet and where everyday life is not less unpredictable than gambling in a casino city. Sherlock Holmes Free Pokies is a game for players who love slots and the English detective. It is a five-reel, high-definition (HD), Victorian-esque, and 20-machine slots machine that offers you the most authentic slots experience outside of a Las Vegas casino. The stunning graphics and the constantly increasing selection of machines make you want to play more for hours on end. Pokies was never so exciting. <b>Game Features</b> ► 500 free coins to get you going. ► More coins are available for as little as $1.99. ► Bonus coins and jackpots. ► 20 different pokies games and new ones are being added every month. ► Sherlock Holmes-themed machines. ► Multiple customization options. ► High-definition (HD) graphics. ► Easy to play and control. <b>Join other Sherlock Holmes Free Pokies players, who collectively win millions of points every day, now.</b> Here is what other pokies aficionados say about Sherlock Holmes Free Pokies: ► It's most definitely the best slots game I've ever played. ► Oh Lordy, it's so fun and challenging and there're a lot of games to choose from! ► I absolutely love it. There're so many themes and I love all of them. ► It's an awesome game. Absolutely amazing! ► Pretty cool. Sherlock Holmes is unlike all other games that start off great during the first couple of days but fizzle out the moment you decide to spend REAL CASH. This one does not.


  • Big Payouts!
  • Exciting Detective Adventure
  • Different Bonus Games and Surprises!
  • Free coins to get you on your journey
  • Easy to play and control

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23 May 2016



9 May 2016

Would be a good game if it did not resets itself all the time.


27 April 2016

its ahayt!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11 April 2016

Fun game. Not big payouts.


8 April 2016



11 February 2016

easy wins


1 February 2016

I love it a lot


29 January 2016



28 January 2016

Fun and fast


25 January 2016

It start out has a fun game. this game has reset itself 5 time in the 4 days that I have had it. Like all your games their are more problems with them, then it worth having.

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