Shoot The Pineapple

WARNING: YOU MUST BE 18+ TO PLAY THIS GAME.VIOLENT SCENE INCLUDED. You are a big fan of archery. One of your best friends visited you someday while you were in the middle of practice.You wanted to show off and decided to play a dangerous game:shoot the fruit on your friend's head. Well,it's time to get serious,will you lose a friend,or your friend simply lose an apple?That depends on your archery skill!Buy a life assurance for your friend if necessary. Fruit Shooting is a fun archer game, the perfect mix of arcade and simulation. With beautiful and running smooth graphics, the game reproduces the feelings of archery. HOW TO PLAY 1. Touch to aim,realse to shoot. 2. Use the direction indicator gauge on top left corner to help you to aim. 3. The longer you tap and hold,the stronger the strength is. When come to the top, hold 3 seconds, then from 0 to stronger

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28 November 2015



13 September 2015

I keep hitting the guy in the mouth


26 August 2015

I love this game!


3 February 2015

I give it three stars cause it is a fun addictive game but it is too easy. If it was a little more difficult i would rate it four stars. Also each time i shoot the pineapple it glitches and goes back to the start screen.


31 January 2015

very hard I like a challenge who ever made this is awesome from my opinion this game is coo


30 December 2014

This app is BAD because when you miss there's a lot of blood +when you kill your friend you have to start over from level 1


29 December 2014

Sucks ass


7 December 2014

ITS UPSIDE DOWN!!!!! plz fix this


4 November 2014

Its not really for kids its bloody but I'm a thirteen year old emo girl and think this is fun and no judging emo people and scene nor Goth!


15 September 2014

the reason I only gave it 3 stars is because it is a little violent because you can shoot the guy on the game so I don't really like that other wise it is a really good game I like it a lot look for my other reviews 😃😃😃😃

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