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    Version: Hello Win 10 ;) we need your opinion Please give a 5 stars ***** rate and review Thank you !...


Retail Therapy for your every need in the comfort of your home. You can browse your favourite online shopping stores such as amazon and ebay etc all inside SHOPPING CENTER. Come and fulfill your dreams today...whatever you're dreaming of, you can find here in SHOPPING-CENTER ! The SHOPPING-CENTER app for Windows 10 allows you to tap into the world's largest online marketplace anywhere you are. Built upon simple, intuitive design, it'll help you quickly navigate to whatever you want to do on eBay and amazon. The SHOPPING-CENTER app lets you Search, increase existing bids & watch items from the world's largest online marketplace. Please provide feedback, suggestions, and comments. If you like our app, let us know via Rate and Review.


  • Search, bid, and purchase an item from eBay and amazon
  • No account needed to use this app, only when purchasing from certain stores e.g ebay and amazon.

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27 June 2015

wunderschone seite ich kann empfehlen..


14 June 2015

I Recommend This App


19 December 2014

Thank you for your comment which I will take into consideration. You are one of 7,206 users that does not like Shopping Center. I believe my app is of use to people (the downloads show this) and if you check the app size, it's not even using one 2 MB! The approx app size is 1.47 MB which is very light for a Windows Store app! I'm providing a free app for users & spend a great deal of time making it appealing and user friendly. However I respect your opinions and will continue to improve and create great apps for my users.


12 December 2014

Developer: Please learn to correctly spell "UNITED STATES". The concept is to squeeze onto one screen like consumer products offered by various merchants for comparison. EBay and Amazon and all of the others in your basket do a fine job of this without your assistance and with far superior graphics and more pleasing marketing presentation. I'm not certain the app is of enough benefit that it deserves to take up hard drive space and I have a couple of terabytes to spare.


24 October 2014



13 October 2014

This is the best ever


4 June 2014

Çok beğendim şiddetle tavsiye ediyorum


28 May 2014

I Have been shopping several mounths now . Books, music, movies, etc. If I need to find something SHOPPING-CENTER the place recommend it to my family and friends. It is so easy use and order thank you for developer‏


19 February 2014

This application has quite simple and useful interface. I would recommend you to try SHOPPING-CENTER..


17 February 2014

One of my favorite apps on the Windows store. I use frequently to do my shopping‏

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