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Shopping Lists +

Easy and convenient application for shopping list. Now you will forget nothing to buy.

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13 March 2015

Just got this app, and a, still working with it. I LOVE that it doesn't use a cloud. I also love that you can make multiple lists with it. Another great feature is that it remembers what you added, and you just select it when you need it again in the future. I would give this list 5 stars if there were a way to edit lists and items on a list. For example, I buy apricots buy number. It lists them by kg. I don't buy ANYTHING by kg, I don't use the metric system. Also, I see no way to change the units, or clip art on things I add to the list. Now, I'm new to Windows 8.1, so the problem might be me. But, using the settings charm, swiping up from the bottom, nor holding my finger on the item brings a way to edit. This app is exactly what I'm looking for (sans a way to email a text version of the shopping list, but that's not a deal breaker), so i'll keep exploring it.