Show My IP

Show My IP Displays Your Public IP Address.


  • Displays IP Address

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27 April 2015

I click on it, it sits there staring at me. Does nothing!


11 August 2014

Dont show anything


2 August 2013

I am located in China and it works pretty well with VPN setup etc. it shows external IP, not internal.. I would appreciate that the app shows the two ip but it is great ! thanks to the dev


23 June 2013

You need to run this app to have your IP displayed. Windows 8 is "LIVE TILE" friendly ,where is live tile on this? Yes, it displays correctly. However, this falls short of expectations with no settings, no options, etc. Just tap to open and wait for IP to be displayed. This application needs more to even be considered. That is just my opinion, though.

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