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Sign my Language provides a simple way to learn more about Signed English and American Sign Language. Signed English is a sign language dialect which matches each spoken word of English. It is mostly used for language development, allowing a teacher to reinforce the spoken word with its equivalent sign. Sign my Language provides a dictionary of mostly 3000 words with the most common words in sign language, it provides also a simple way to search on a specified word. With every associated word there is a picture that describes the sequence of motion of a word. this App developed in 5-1 program at AppFactory Egypt by : Ammar Bakeer


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26 August 2015

I am an interpreter at a major university. this will not help with ASL! NOT Asl


3 May 2015

its allows to learn the sign language and its awesome I not example I have no problem it is me who is decided all alone that I wanted to learn this language and this my much assisted aplication.


3 December 2013

doesn't have the correct signs and I am very fluent in ASL and the signs are wrong . do NOT install


16 July 2013

This was really confusing for me since I already know my ASL (American Sign Language), because it also showed BSL (British Sign Language). I was lucky I figured it out on time too because I was going to recommend this to my friends. P.S. Don't get this


23 April 2013

This is a mixture of ASL and BSL...(British Sign) It seems that the person who wrote looked up words and mashed them all together to make this app. If you're going to do an app for a language, you should at least research the language. Get on the ball folks, do your homework. Edit: This is BSL, not ASL. Manual alphabet is single hand in ASL. Dual in BSL.


5 April 2013



21 March 2013

Don't know who made this list up, but the regular letters of the alphabet don't require 2 hands