Simple Minesweeper

Enjoy the classic game of Minesweeper that used to come with all Windows computers. Open up Simple Minesweeper and start playing the game right away. Find and mark the cells on the grid which have mines underneath. This fun and free game contains easy, medium, and hard game modes. There is even a custom mode where you can select the size of the grid and the number of mines to find. Best of all, there are no accounts to make and no purchases necessary - just simply minesweeper.


  • No accounts to make, no in-game purchases
  • Classic Minesweeper game controls
  • Easy, Medium, Hard, and Custom game modes
  • 3 fun themes to choose from
  • Track your statistics

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6 July 2016

lot of fun thank you


5 July 2016

Fun game, with no political advertisements. I'm sick of seeing Hillary Clinton's face advertised on other games. I deleated them all.


25 June 2016

Seeing you keep bugging me for a review, here it is. I've been a minesweeper player for decades. Always loved the game and feel like I probably lost 4 years of my life to it. It seems to change with each new version of Windows. I just got upgraded to Windows 8.1 this version was all I could find. I don't like it. I doesn't have a full screen mode. It don't like the way it looks or how it feels and responds. I want the Windows 7 version back. This is by far the worst version I've even encountered.


19 May 2016



17 May 2016

Great game. Could use a top 5 games or so.


9 April 2016

fun to play. keeps your mind sharp.


26 March 2016

Great game, just like old except it gives options for changing parameters. And it's free!


22 March 2016

Just as the title says it's minesweeper, that's it. 4 stars is only because the ad changes give the game an occasional lag. This causes you to mark squares with a flag, when you mean to clear them. A couple of times it cleared instead of flagged, which makes a boom, followed by unfavorable language yelled at my tablet. -In the end I enjoy the app.


7 March 2016

keeps me busy when I'm bored


2 March 2016

love it!!!