Sky Map

Astronomy App which displays over 13,000 stars, scroll to different parts of the sky to learn about stars and constellation. Great App for kids, parties, or if you are in prison Sky Map Features include: - Realistic night's sky view - Sky Sculpture for all 12 Zodiac Constellations - 3D view of stars around our solar system - Adjust effects of the atmosphere

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31 January 2015

Good graphics but it doesn't allow to set up your lat/lon or time to see what the true sky is. but then it an freebie so this couldn't really be expected


16 June 2014



7 March 2014

This app does nothing at all. Or it is damaged. Ok It gave me star charts fun to see ... Was astonished by info re_evaluating.


21 March 2013

Other apps are WAY better


30 November 2012

Looks really limited and unfinished. Strange coordinates shown


24 November 2012

Even free it's not worth keeping. Hoping some of my ipad star chart apps convert to win8.


1 November 2012

sadly, this app crashes on launch, every time (x64 lenovo notebook)