Smart Timer 365

Simple yet powerful Timer. You can even add sub-tasks into the main task and go in the specific order with simple swipe gestures so you don’t miss anything. Pause/Resume individual tasks or Restart entire task (main task). Records time spent on individual tasks (sub-tasks) as well as overall task (main task). Create your own 'PUB QUIZ or ‘CHRISTMAS QUIZ’ or 'RAPID FIRE QUESTION GAME' for gatherings to know your mates/family members or create 'Quick recipes' and forget about remembering all small steps. Brilliant for: • Parties – 'PUB QUIZ or ‘CHRISTMAS QUIZ’ or 'RAPID FIRE QUESTION GAME' • Students – For quick recipes , mock exams, play time, group work etc • Professionals – For busy morning schedules like preparing kids for school etc • Fitness and Workouts – For interval training, boxing, weightlifting etc • Chefs – For boiling, roasting, baking etc • Teachers – For timed quiz, break, exam stations etc • Project Team – For meetings, presentations, interviews etc • Medical professionals – For measuring time spent with patients, paperwork, procedures etc • And many more.


  • Create your own QUIZZES with timer (Pub Quiz, Christmas Quiz etc)
  • Allows to add subtasks within main task
  • Monitors total time spent on main task and individual sub-tasks
  • Pause/Resume individual sub-task or Restart entire task
  • Simple and clean interface
  • Times by the second
  • Visual indication as well as Alarm Sound when you overrun
  • Alarm Sound can be turned ON/OFF for individual tasks
  • Snap-View Friendly
  • Simple swipe gesture to move from one sub-task to another
  • Remember status of the tasks when they are completed