Shoot. Style. Share. Snapshot helps you turn your pictures into instant memories! Use your devices built in camera, or load a picture from your hard drive to quickly and easily process those boring shots into professional quality masterpieces! It's not only simple to use but also powerful; Includes various high quality Effects, borders and advanced vignetting tools to make your masterpieces really shine! Please rate this app if you like it; for any suggestions for future updates or bug reporting please leave feedback on the app's facebook page. Try and be constructive; if you email me some suggestions I will work to implement/improve them!


  • Take pictures with your devices built in camera, or load an image from your hard drive
  • 22 built in photo filters including classics like lomo and x-pro
  • High Quality Image FX options; add one of 12 different film and scratch effects to your snapshots!
  • High Quality Light Leak effects; 20 different light leaks you can add to your pictures!
  • Fast and adjustable Depth of Field Effect!
  • Adjustable Film Grain Effect
  • Add one of 17 borders to your masterpiece! (Who doesnt like borders?)
  • Fully configurable, professional level Vignetting; set the vignette amount, midpoint size, and feather amount! The first Windows 8 app with this level of control!
  • Option to export your edited pictures at their full input resolution
  • Facebook and Windows 8 Share Contract Integration

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10 March 2013

I'm going to be generous with 3 stars since this app has so much potential. Some improvements I'd like to see: - Bigger button (existing buttons too small) - Get rid of auto hiding of buttons - it's annoying. - Every function needs a slider that permits the effect/vignette/texture, etc to be dialed up or down. - Better algorithms: current functions producing artifacting too quickly. Good start but not worth the $1.50 right now.