Social Network Explorer

Social Network Explorer is a simple, fast and comprehensive client windows 8 app which allows you to have a touch optimized experience of the most popular social network today on your Windows 8 device.


  • Access to your news feed
  • View user profiles
  • Chat with friends
  • View and compose messages
  • View events
  • View your notifications
  • View the list of friends
  • Search people, groups and pages
  • Configure your settings
  • Live Tile (showing recent news feed items)
  • More...

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18 December 2014



3 August 2014

Slow on Surface RT but most apps are. Renders photo stretched too tall.


29 May 2014

This application, ever since the name and interface was changed, gives you nothing more then spam and junk and then you will think it is part of your actual facebook account then you will end up switching applications just like I did.


23 May 2014

this app is not "truly" compatible w/the surface rt! it needs to read the flash player module that the rt has! this product is lame and not worth the download of surface owners; don't download it people! NOT WORTH IT!


3 April 2014



9 March 2014



4 February 2014

Aren't apps supposed to be better than going to the website? Back button does not function properly, so if I click on a post, I have to reload and scroll down through ALL the posts. Can't upload a photo from the app....need to exit out and go to the Facebook website thru the browser. Just let me create a tile with a shortcut to the website!!


23 January 2014

shuts down wont let you sign all the way in....


11 January 2014

. . . several attempts, but no results.


18 December 2013

Since last update I can't post photos?? Time to change to better Facebook app.

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