Solitaire Card Games

Play Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and many more! Or create your own solitaire and play! Includes Klondike (all versions), FreeCell, Spider (4, 2 and 1 suit), Penguin, Lady Jane, Russian Solitaire, Australian Patience, Forty Thieves, Easthaven, Scorpion, Simple Simon, Blind Alley, Westcliff, Diplomat. This game supports mouse or touch as input. Keyboard is not supported.


  • Truly free (not a demo, no locked features!)
  • Auto-finish and single-click auto-move functions
  • Easy to use editor to create and experiment with original solitaires, including hybrids by mixing FreeCell, Spider and Klondike rules
  • Persistent/resettable statistics for each solitaire, including user-created solitaires
  • Hint system that works with any solitaire, including user-created ones
  • A thousand undo/redo levels
  • Powerful, easy to use card-set editor (use photos from your own picture library to create new sets!)
  • Set any image from your picture library as game background
  • Sharing user-created solitaires and card sets with friends is as easy as sharing small files and regular images!

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21 August 2016

Good game, l have a little trouble figuring out how to do things. I not figured out how to get a different game on this.


20 July 2016



11 July 2016

I absolutely love these games. Highly recommend them to Solitaire cards lovers.


3 July 2016

Really like that you can modify


19 June 2016

I like this game. great app


10 June 2016

Good Passtime


31 May 2016

I really like the Australian patience one a lot. I play it everyday. I win about every second game.


30 May 2016

I really like this games! It takes very little effort, but can still be very challenging.


21 May 2016

the game is ok just too many pop ups stop,s the game


6 May 2016

Enjoy this game very much.

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