Solitaire Collection ✔

The most comprehensive set of Solitaire games is now available at your fingertips. With Solitaire Collection, jump into the Solitaire world with over 40 different versions of your favorite game from the most popular like Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Freecell to other fun and intricate versions like Scorpio, Tripeaks or Pyramid. Proper strategy is required to finish up each set which will be presented to you. So many variations to choose from, hours of fun ahead and all of it for free courtesy of Magma Mobile. As you discover or re discover Solitaire and its variations, we will be there to guide and become a Master of the game! Features: - 40 Solitaire variations - Full description and rules provided for each one of them - Statistics to keep track and keep on challenging yourself as you move along - Portrait and Landscape supported - Automated End of game solution provided - The game is available on your phone and tablet alike Hours of fun for adults and children alike with Solitaire Collection

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22 July 2016

Good and bad depending on the cards


11 July 2016

I love all games of solitaire they are fun and it relaxes me.


5 July 2016

Had a few problems at first, very few clues, but for the games I've played, I've enjoyed.


6 June 2016

Only the first game loads. The "more games" option is non-functional. I uninstalled it after trying to load the other 39 games at least 4 times, once after uninstalling and reinstalling.


22 May 2016

slow loading but is a good game


2 May 2016

Love the game makes you think and its FREE


14 February 2016

Needs "Home" choice after a win to keep stats accurate


30 January 2016

Cards cover each other, use smaller cards


13 January 2016



23 December 2015

interesting game

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