Solitaire Savant

Solitaire Savant offers the best in solitaire--and it is FREE! Currently with over 35 different games including: - Solitaire Draw 1 (Klondike) - Solitaire Draw 3 (Klondike) - FreeCell - Baker's Game - Mini Spider Solitaire - Mini Spider - 2 Suited - Mini Spider - 4 Suited - Golf - Eliminator - Pyramid - Yukon - HardCell - HardBaked - Scorpion (Regular and Easy) - Beleaguered Castle - Blind Alleys - Bouquet - Australian Patience - Aces Up - Simple Simon - Colorado - Doublets - Eight Off - Russian Spider - Bristol - Black Hole - Double Scorpion - Strategy - Ukrainian Solitaire - Russian Spider - Penguin Aces - Gargantua Solitaire


  • Complete Undo for all moves
  • Auto-complete all possible moves
  • Stuck? “Suggest Move” will look for a possible play

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6 February 2014

I had forgotten how much fun all the different types of solitaire could be. I have removed all of my other solitaires apps. This is all I need.


18 December 2013

The best solitaire collection I have played. game seems a little unstable with windows 8.1 Will uninstall and reinstall. Do love this app!


13 December 2013

Was a really good app, until about 1 week after playing challenges, when challenges already won suddenly disappeared, and each time a new challenge is played the win is recorded, then suddenly disappears.


3 October 2013

Doesn't work freezes each time I've tried to open app


24 December 2012

Why are the card so small? Please fill the screen.


18 November 2012

I started playing this two years ago on Windows Phone when it was a simple Solitaire app with a few games. Since then the author has repeatedly updated it with new graphics, features, and many, many more game variants. I'm very happy to see a sharp looking Windows 8 version with all the bells and whistles, and I look forward to see how it changes in the future.


13 November 2012

This is a great app. I love the various games with new ones I hadn't played before and it has some nice ratings etc. to give you some goals (excuses for playing the games)


12 November 2012

Easy and fun


29 October 2012

The best solitaire on the phone-and now on Win8. Best selection available.


22 October 2012

I love this app on the phone, but I'm sad to see that the account linking/recovery doesn't work at all on Windows 8.

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