Songo Chord Finder

Not your average chord finder, Songo is a songwriting and music education tool that will help you discover chord progressions by grouping chords of the same key together. Create songs in all 12 keys, transpose music or just play around. No music theory knowledge required. The concept is based on a little bit of music theory, a dislike of music theory and an appreciation for the mystery of songwriting. If you can dig that then this could be the App for you. Kids can play too. You will also discover chord progressions to many famous hit songs just by tapping about in Songo... who would have thought it could be this easy! Whether you play guitar, keyboard, saxophone, trumpet, trombone or nothing at all Songo can be a valuable songwriting assistant.


  • Playable chord maps for all 12 keys.
  • Alter chords using minor/Major, 7th and minor7 variations.
  • See the individual notes that make up each chord.
  • Hands-free auto-play mode, handy for practising scales.

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3 February 2015

I write songs a lot and this tool is helping. Needs more features.


12 April 2014

An interesting start. Needs more chords. The autoplay is not useful unless the previous sequence can be erased, saved or somehow managed.


28 December 2012

this is the perfect app for songwriters that want quick and easy progression experimentation without picking up a guitar or piano my only requests are 1) add additional supplemental chords beyond the 7ths etc included 2) the play button seems to be quite random and it's hard to keep track of what was played. perhaps it can loop progressions until stopped/started again or something like that