Listen for free more than 32 million songs. Share your favorite stations on Facebook, Twitter and email. Listening to music with friends in real time. Find out what you hear around you. Chat with other users who have similar musical tastes.


  • Listen to over 32 million songs for free - any artist, any genre, anytime
  • Share your favorite stations
  • Share your favorite stations on Facebook, Twitter and Email
  • Play music with friends in real time

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6 August 2015

I can't find an option to actually sign up for Soundtracker. I also couldn't search artists to create a station. I think this is a cool concept for an app and I was really wishing it would work.


25 May 2015

Use this on My Nokia 808. The only music Ap that works on it yet... got to like what works!


21 February 2015

Fantastic music


8 October 2014

it is light and it does not interfere my net connection, though it uses a bit, but overall it is very smooth and I can listen and work simultaneously :)


13 September 2014

The interface is simple, clean and fits with the Windows Modern UX. I'm always pleased with the music selections. Always a pleasure tuning in to the Folk station. Thanks guys for making this service available in Windows Phone too. :)


25 August 2014

Could be made more simple to use. And some issues with its connectivity and features.


22 August 2014



18 August 2014

Love it, the music and the display of album covers


23 July 2014

The Soundtracker team is the best at what they do. I've had the soundtracker app in Symbian, Android, WindowsPhone, and now Windows 8/SurfacePro3.


24 June 2014

A very good app

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