Make words. Faster! SpeedWords Arena is the high-speed game of interlocking words where everyone plays, and it's always your turn! SpeedWords Arena is a carefully designed and well-balanced game that will seriously challenge your skills as a quick-thinking wordsmith! Each game is a lightning round played live on the Internet with players of all skill levels from around the world. Start with 7 letter tiles and make interconnected words from them as fast as you can. When you use all of your tiles, you get another, and another, and another! The faster you make words, the faster you get new tiles! Every player is given an equal chance to compete using the exact same sequence of letter tiles to make the highest-scoring board of interlocking words before the round ends and scores are tallied. Choose your strategy: Go for maximum speed and lots of words, or carefully rearrange to make bonus star words. It's a tough call, and you'll have to make it under the pressure of a ticking clock! If you've got a few minutes to exercise your brain, come on in for a lightning round in the Arena! Bet you can't stop!


  • Live online competition. Everyone plays exactly the same game, at the same time!
  • No waiting for turns. Play as fast as you can!
  • Dynamic wordplay. Rearrange your tiles at any time!
  • Bonus tiles! Use star tiles skillfully for a high score!
  • Fair competition! No time to cheat, and everyone gets the same letters!
  • Leaderboards! Includes an Elo skill rating based on your performance versus others in the Arena!
  • Completely free to play. No hidden in-app purchases or limitations!

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19 July 2016

5 letter I in a row? Really, how lame!


28 May 2016

unable to play for sometime now due to whatever technical problem, which I cannot find. hope this can be fixed as my family and I love this game


4 March 2016

I enjoy playing SpeedWords Arena. It is fast moving and uncomplicated.


17 February 2016

Doesn't connect to the network.


29 January 2016

Lots of fun competing and scootching around letters on a scrabble board. Freeform scrabble!


22 October 2015

Love the game! Wish I could get it on my tablet!


17 October 2015



22 September 2015

I love this game


16 September 2015

I love this game 😜😜😜😜😜


23 July 2015

Great game

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