Spider Solitaire 8

Spider Solitaire is a popular variant of solitaire using two decks of cards. Spider Solitaire: rules and basics The object Remove all the cards from the table in the fewest number of moves. The table Spider Solitaire is played with two decks of cards. This app uses all four different suits. The cards are arranged in ten columns. The top card in each column is face up, the rest are face down. The remaining cards are piled in the top-leftcorner of the table. How to play To win, you must remove all the cards from the table by building columns organized in descending order, from king to ace, all with the same suit. When you succeed in building a sequentially-ordered column, it flies off the table. If you run out of moves, click the pile at the top left of the table and it dispatches a new row of cards. You aren't limited to moving just one card at a time. If a run of cards are all in the same suit, and arranged in numeric order, you can drag them around as if they were a single card. Hints and tips Clear space: Empty columns quickly and then start building new ones. This allows you to build the longest runs. Uncover cards: Bring more cards into play by clearing columns and overturning cards deeper within the columns. The more cards in play, the more moves you have, and the lower your chances of stalled runs or being forced to draw from the deck. Don't block cards. At higher difficulty settings, avoid placing low cards on cards of a different suit. This blocks them from play until the lower cards are moved. Don't hesitate to undo: use the undo button on top right -- Solitaire or patience is a genre of tabletop games, consisting of card games that can be played by a single player. The purpose of solitaire generally involves manipulating a layout of cards with a goal of sorting them in some manner. However it is possible to play the same games competitively (often a head to head race) and cooperatively. solitaire games typically involve dealing cards from a shuffled deck into a prescribed arrangement on a tabletop, from which the player attempts to reorder the deck by suit and rank through a series of moves transferring cards from one place to another under prescribed restrictions. Some games allow for the reshuffling of the deck(s), and/or the placement of cards into new or "empty" locations. In the most familiar, general form of solitaire, the object of the game is to build up four blocks of cards going from ace to king in each suit, taking cards from the layout if they appear on the table. There is a vast array of variations on the solitaire theme, using either one or more decks of cards, with rules of varying complexity and skill levels. Many of these have been converted to electronic form and are available as computer games. Examples of variants on the familiar solitaire theme that may be played with an ordinary packet of cards include Bisley and Prince Albert


  • spider solitaire with 2 decks and all 4 suits
  • unlimited undo
  • supports multiple variations: 1 suite, 2 suite, 4 suite, spiderette

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22 August 2016

App is slow and without some features present in other apps


21 August 2016

Ads interfere with play.


23 July 2016

great game!


15 July 2016

משחק ממכר


6 July 2016

Very interesting version of this game.


25 June 2016

Very challenging


21 June 2016

I love the game and the style its just a bit slow at times. But from there on its a lot of fun.


17 June 2016

This game takes some thinking but its also relaxing


16 June 2016

I have to press "rules" after every move to get it to unfreeze


13 June 2016

I like this game and I think it is fun thanks it is a best.

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