Squats Workout Training Pro App

With your new personal trainer - Squats Workout Training app - you can do squats just about anywhere and they are a great way to tone your legs and your backside. Doing squad exercises is also beneficial for other parts of your body, so you will lose weight without dieting in no time! Just choose a training program, perform strength training exercises for women and men and stay fit! Squats Workout Training is an ultimate training assistant developed especially for home exercises! HOW TO USE: First, pick a program from the list, according to your level, or pick a random one. Hold your NOOK above your chest with both hands and start working out! Once the training is complete, the app will ask you if it was easy for you. Then the next level of your training program will be chosen according to your answer! If you're looking for a powerful way to get some serious results, look no further than performing squatting exercises with our whole new Squats Workout Training app! Do these simple exercises for legs, follow your personal workout plan, and control your fitness training process!


  • Easy-to-use: just hold your phone and the app will count your squats;
  • Improve your results with personal program;